Organization Profile


NSD Chattogram started her journey with two warehouses in March 1976 where 5,000 line items used to be maintained in 5,000 sft area. Now NSD maintains 120,000 line items in 19 warehouses with 90,000 sft area. It is felt that a sequential history is required to be prepared for the future generation. While writing about the chronological journey of this central logistics hub of BN, assistance from a retired person who worked in NSD was taken as no authenticated document has been found. 


The Source and Process of Collection the History    

Enough information and data, essential to write a complete history on NSD Chattogram, was not available in the depot. Thereby a veteran retired person named Mohammad Abdur Rahim, SHM (Rtd) was contacted to collect the information and data. He was a store staff and started working in Pakistan Navy before 1971. He described the old days of NSD Chattogram from his memories. The obtained information have been verified by another old retired person namely Mr. Saber Ahmed Chowdhury who was a foreman.


Central Stores-1965

There was no independent Stores Depot since 1965. It was a Central Store under PNS BAKHTIAR (Present BNS ISSA KHAN). The Central Store was under Supply Officer of PNS BAKHTIAR, Lt K S Ahmed (hailed from Kwaja Family) who was the only Bengali Officer of that base. The Central Store then worked as a wing of NSD Karachi. The central store was established in the Barrack situated adjacent to present ISSA KHAN Galley. All the naval stores were arranged in one building and within 03 rooms in a few racks.