Naval Stores Depot Chattogram procures stores primarily through limited tender. Invitations of such tenders are displayed in NSD Tender Notice Board and NSD website. Suppliers intend to participate in tender enquiries are expected to collect tender schedule along with detail specification form NSD Local Purchase Section.

  Supplier Enlistment

Naval Stores Depot Chattogram enlists suppliers for supply of goods to the Bangladesh Navy. Enlistment with NSD is mandatory before a firm can be entertained for soliciting regular (limited tenders) tender enquiries. However, in cases of open tenders, all firms capable of supplying items even if not pre-registered are encouraged to participate in the tender. Firms interested in enlistment with NSD may download the enlistment form from the website. The enlistment form can also be obtained from NSD Local Purchase Section. Firms need to submit enlistment form duly completed along with required documents as enumerated in the form.

  Participation in Tender

Firms enlisted with Naval Stores Depot Chattogram are expected to participate in tenders. Besides, firms and original manufacturers who are capable of supplying a particular item may intimate their willingness to participate through an enquiry for consideration. The regular types of tender floated by NSD are limited tenders displayed primarily in our Tender Notice Board. Besides, NSD floats open tender occasionally too and displayed in National and Local News papers. Tenders are open regularly on the designated date and place in front of participants. The tender committee may accept tenders submitted as per tender conditions and reject incomplete tender instantly.


Technical and commercial negotiations are conducted at NSD and only the technically qualified lowest bidder will be called for the same, if deemed necessary.


Firms are encouraged to deliver stores within the time period and designated place mentioned in the purchase order. The primary place of delivery is the Central Receipt Section of NSD Ctg. Suppliers are expected to deliver the stores between 0800 hours to 1400 hours of any working days. Liquidity Damage penalty is imposed for late delivered stores as per the Government Regulations.

  Joint Inspection

Joint inspections of delivered stores are done in the Central Receipt Section of NSD Ctg in presence of Suppliers or Suppliers Representatives by Inspection Committee or Chief Inspector of Naval Stores (CINS). Items are inspected against ordered specifications. Stores inspected jointly for quality and quantities are accepted by NSD Chattogram.

  Payment Type

All payments are made as per Bangladesh Government Rules after confirmation of correct quality, quantity and fulfillment of specified conditions. Normal mode of payment is either Account Payee Cheques or cash upto certain limit. After that limit, the payments are made by the SFC(Navy) located at Dhaka.